about dingeltje klatergoud

dingeltje klatergoud’s jewellery is handmade in Amsterdam. Founded in 2020, during her maternity leave and yet another lockdown, Nusch Baird (1994) started making sunnycords from home. Within a short time, this hobby became a business and almost four years later, more than 30 different sunnycords and other jewellery are available in her webshop. So are you still searching for that one perfect summer accessory? Look no further: dingeltje klatergoud’s sunnycords are practical and stylish! Made with the prettiest gemstones and sweet water pearls.

For questions or special requests, you can reach me at  hello@dingeltjeklatergoud.nl or shoot me a message on instagram.


I will try to respond to your message on the same day. You can reach me through the links below:

E-mail: hello@dingeltjeklatergoud.nl
Instagram: @dingeltjeklatergoud
Facebook: dingeltje klatergoud
Pinterest: dingeltje klatergoud

Chamber of Commerce no.: 80530001
VAT number: NL003454004B15


The name dingeltje klatergoud was thought up by my mum, Erlijne Fischer, many years ago. I was able to create this website with thanks to Engel Mulder, Wolf Mulder, and Rebecca Hitijahubessij. Engel Mulder is also responsible for my beautiful logo and the product photos, and the portrait above was taken by Elodie Hooftman. Finally, thanks to Romée van Lotringen from Radiant Creative Lab for all the great marketing ideas!

🤍 Hi, welcome! Every sunnycord is also available in mini size, as well as in necklace or bracelet form. Just choose a different length at checkout. 🤍